Lessons from first attempt at A to Z challenge

When I started this blog, I had an idea what I will use this blog for and that was to reflect on food, photography and travel stories. It, in my opinion, was a good way because I do have so much to tell. But then I struggled to even find the right pictures (sometimes even words), and that is why I turned to A to Z challenge for this blog. I was doing the challenge already in the book blog, and I wondered if I will be able to “get my mojo back”.
Honestly, I was a big fail at A to Z challenge in this blog, but then posting these pictures, thinking about them gave me my idea back. I have the zeal and the will back to share again. I had started wondering if the camera and places have been sucked in the vortex of corporate life, but doing the challenge made me realize that it is not so.
Then maybe I failed at the challenge with the respect to the requisite number of post, I gained through the experience of writing the posts and best of all, I got my motivation back. Hopefully you will see me a lot more here– with some more stories, and some more pictures too tell.
Thank you for all the people who liked my posts and supported me in their own way. I apologize that I was not regular and I could not reach the finish line, but stick with me as I explore my passion slowly.

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