Day 1 of Paris(Part 2): Musée Rodin

I am generally not a big fan of the statues and paintings. I wasn’t really too excited about the museums while planning for my trip to France. My idea was to enjoy a few works just to cut the items off my list. But once I entered the museum, I was pleasantly surprised. And Musée… Continue reading Day 1 of Paris(Part 2): Musée Rodin

Exploring Paris: A teaser

Although it looks like I have gone MIA, I haven’t. As you can see from the pics, I have been exploring a new city, and not just any city but the city of romance– Paris. I returned from a week long trip to Paris on 22nd August. I spent one whole month in planning the… Continue reading Exploring Paris: A teaser

Trip Diary: Velas

  Trip Type: A group trip with Travel Trikon Every year, during the time of Feb and March, the villagers get ready to host the tourists who want to witness the first step of the baby turtles in the sea. This village is named Velas. The place is located in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Two years ago,… Continue reading Trip Diary: Velas

J=Just Stairs

  phoJust is such a simple word which actually signifies nothing. Just as an adjective refers to being nothing more than what the name says. Yet when we see it we get to see the beauty of the simplicity in being “just”. These are just stairs, just roads: something which I see everyday but yet… Continue reading J=Just Stairs

H= Happy Portraits

  I  am a pathetic street photographer. I hate invading the privacy of people, and hence I do end up asking the people before clicking them. But then also, I get some interesting shots. For H, I want to share the happiness of the people I encountered. We run all our lives towards that so-called… Continue reading H= Happy Portraits