Day 1 of Paris(Part 2): Musée Rodin

I am generally not a big fan of the statues and paintings. I wasn’t really too excited about the museums while planning for my trip to France. My idea was to enjoy a few works just to cut the items off my list. But once I entered the museum, I was pleasantly surprised. And Musée… Continue reading Day 1 of Paris(Part 2): Musée Rodin

H= Happy Portraits

  I  am a pathetic street photographer. I hate invading the privacy of people, and hence I do end up asking the people before clicking them. But then also, I get some interesting shots. For H, I want to share the happiness of the people I encountered. We run all our lives towards that so-called… Continue reading H= Happy Portraits


I so loved selecting Elephant as a subject for “E”. I mean there cannot be another easiest association. 🙂 My first encounter with elephants was in Kerala when I saw the wild elephants crossing the road. I was so mesmerized and awed by them and the dust they left behind that my mom had to… Continue reading E=Elephant