I so loved selecting Elephant as a subject for “E”. I mean there cannot be another easiest association. 🙂 My first encounter with elephants was in Kerala when I saw the wild elephants crossing the road. I was so mesmerized and awed by them and the dust they left behind that my mom had to… Continue reading E=Elephant


Cooking is not merely a necessity, but there is an art to it, a science to it. Most of us use the modern means of cooking with all kind of specialized equipment. The traditional means are more or less extinct now. But I have been lucky as I got to see the old school cooking… Continue reading C=Cooking

B= Bee Eater

I am not a bird photographer, but somehow, when I went to Bhuj, I saw so many beautiful birds that I became a bird photography enthusiast. The birds there were so beautiful and so new for me that I just couldn’t stop. These bee eaters present the first birds I photograped. They were there on… Continue reading B= Bee Eater

A to Z challenge for 2017: Theme reveal

The blog looks so deserted. I am actually feeling sorry and neglectful because I missed updating the blog. But I have a valid reason. I was learning the skill of photography. I like to think I have got better. Of course, I am nowhere near to good, but I have been growing slowly and steadily.… Continue reading A to Z challenge for 2017: Theme reveal