I am running quite late this week. I have been delayed in 2 posts, but life called, and there were so many commitments. So I start with G.

There are so many gods that can be seen in India. The gods that live in stones, the gods that live in trees, and the gods that live in books. My encounter with religion and Gods have been limited to Hinduism and Sikhism. I have encountered other religions too, but I have never even tried to click their pictures because of my lack of perspective and knowledge about them.

I haven’t even clicked Sikhism as such but that’s mostly because of the lack of camera at the right moment.

So here are the two forms of Gods: one who lives in the rural India and one that shines in the urban India. I have so many pictures of these different representation of Gods that I can keep on posting. It fascinates me to see different ways people worship or associate with them

Rural God


Modern God


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