I so loved selecting Elephant as a subject for “E”. I mean there cannot be another easiest association. 🙂

My first encounter with elephants was in Kerala when I saw the wild elephants crossing the road. I was so mesmerized and awed by them and the dust they left behind that my mom had to tell me to get back in the car. This was some years back. I had no camera then except for the phone one. I might be able to find that zoomed up picture of those wild elephants.

The picture I am sharing today is not of wild elephants. It was clicked in a zoo in Mysore, but the playful nature of picture was such that I just could not stop myself from adding it to this challenge. They might not carry the wildness of those wild elephants of Kerala, but they do carry certain charm.

Elephants of Mysore Zoo


Elephants of Mysore Zoo


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