A= Azure

The first post of A to Z challenge presents the Alphabet A. I thought about the lot of things I wanted to talk from A, and my mind got stuck at the word Azure.

Azure is not a word that we use these days. When I was in Bhuj, I encountered the beauty of the sky. Calling it merely blue will be shame because there were so many shades of blue.  These images represent a fraction of what I encountered. The quality of these photos might not be amazing because that was the first time I was using the camera. But I am sure you will be able to appreciate the Azure sky in these. There was once a quote I read about someone’s eyes: “Blue over the blue”. That is what describes this shade the best. The film of blue over the blue. Not a building to mar the beauty, and no clouds to distract. Just the blue over the blue.

Azure Sky 1
The view of the desert and the blue sky. My heart still lives there.
Azure 2
Azure sky a perfect backdrop for Vijay Vilas palace ( and for posing people)
The silent ruins and the azure of the sky. Nothing to disturb the beauty of desert

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