A to Z challenge for 2017: Theme reveal

The blog looks so deserted. I am actually feeling sorry and neglectful because I missed updating the blog. But I have a valid reason. I was learning the skill of photography. I like to think I have got better. Of course, I am nowhere near to good, but I have been growing slowly and steadily.

So in order to give life to this blog, I have decided to do A to Z challenge in 2017. A to Z challenge is a challenge in which one is supposed to post something for every day of the month of April, except Sundays. This sounds like something I do want to do especially as the things I want to share have been increasing exponentially, and my writing has been at stand still for some time.

So here it is, my theme reveal. I am going to use the following theme for A to Z challenge.

Stories from the lens

This is the theme with which I started the blog, and this is the theme which I want to bring to forefront in April. I will share the photos that I have clicked in association with the alphabets. I have no idea what those associations will be now, but I am sure I will wing it. I will not be taking new photos everyday, but the photos will be from the camera. I would avoid using the phone camera images as the main image. So, that’s my theme for April, 2017. What is yours?



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