Wanjulshet: A Village Journey: Part 1

First post is important, extremely important, right? I have been procrastinating deliberating a lot on what my first post should be. Since this blog has been in making for so long, there is a lot I wanted to say in my first post.

But I decided to start backwards– from recent to the past experiences. So, I will start with an experience that is just two weeks old: my visit to Wanjulshet. Wanjulshet is a village in Maharashtra, and this trip was organized by a company called Grassroutes. The USP of the trip was supposed to be fireflies. This is the season of monsoon, and the fireflies come to life during this season.

When I shifted to Mumbai last year, I got to know about this tour in August. And this time I wasn’t too late. The two things that attracted me towards this trip were:

i) Fireflies: I have heard so many songs about these (Jugnu for those who do not know what is the Hindi of fireflies), and I just wanted to see them once.

ii) Village Life: I had never seen a true village in my life, and I wanted to experience the village life badly.

So, I booked with Grassroutes for these fireflies trips. I got the booking of a dormitory for one night during the weekend of 10th June. And the journey started in the beginning itself. I was supposed to meet another group of people at Kasara railway station(Local Station beyond Kalyan). From there a jeep took us to our destination village. Although the route itself was beautiful, the heaven started during the jeep ride itself. The weather became cooler and the view prettier.

It took us around 2.5 hours to reach the place, and throughout the ride, my eyes were literally rolling from left to right, trying to take in the beautiful expanse of the view. Here are a few glimpses I saw during that two and half hour of journey.

(My apologies I can’t recognize the peaks and locales in the images offhand. My knowledge of Maharashtra is almost zero.)

Simmering Sojourns_View enroute Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_View enroute Wanjulshet 1
Simmering Sojourns_View enroute Wanjulshet 2
Simmering Sojourns_View enroute Wanjulshet

Once we reached there, we were welcomed with a flower and Gandhi cap by the local guides. Our guide understood Hindi quite well, and we had no problems in communicating with him. The guide was one of the villagers only.

Simmering Sojourns_Village Welcome Gifts Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_Welcome Gift from Villagers in Wanjulshet

Dormitory was then shown to us. I had had a lot of apprehensions regarding staying in a dormitory. I am more of a hotel kind of person, rather than the dormitory sorts, and co-ed dorm in a place without phone network sounded like a disaster to happen, but thankfully, it wasn’t so. Dormitory was a school classroom converted into bedroom with around 10 beds in a room. It was co-ed, but the company was not bad. The class boards, the activities done by the students and charts prepared by them were all visible there.

Simmering Sojourns_Dormitory Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_Dormitory in Wanjulshet

All of us claimed our own beds, threw the bags and were out for the lunch. And the route in itself was amazing. We were to have lunch in  the house of a villager which was around 800 mts-1 km away (My distance idea might be distorted because I was way too tired after the bumpy rides). The road, the fresh air, and the plants on the way were like elixir for my urban soul. I could feel the worries and rush leeching out of me in the fresh air around.

Simmering Sojourns_Road to Village at Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_Road to Village at Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_First Glimpse of Village at Wanjulshet 2
Simmering Sojourns_First glimpse of the village houses
Simmering Sojourns_First Glimpse of Village at Wanjulshet
Simmering Sojourns_First glimpse of Village


This post is turning into an essay and slideshow. This is how the journey begins. My experience of the village life during the day is next on the charts.

Till then, take care!




2 thoughts on “Wanjulshet: A Village Journey: Part 1

  1. Wow, Pari, this first post of yours is absolutely the perfect start to your new blog, the photos look amazing. You must have had a great time in your first village stay, one can actually feel (read) your excitement in your words. And I’m sure the subsequent posts too will be as interesting as this one. Looking forward to more such posts. You have a new follower 😀


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